Опубликовано: December 17, 2019 в 4:01 pm

Категории: News

December 9, 2019, NEDRADV. The gold mining company of Chukotka Autonomous Area “Rudnik Karalveem” has received the right to conduct exploration and mining of gold piles within the Karalveem river (right bank of Bolshoi Keperveyem river) in Bilibino district. The auction was held on December 2 in Anadyr. The organizer was Dalnedra Department (Department of Subsoil Use in the Far Eastern Federal District).

Gold-mining cooperative Siyanie also participated in the auction. The final payment amounted to 11.160 million rubles.

According to auction documentation the reserves of field for open cast mining are 584 kg (C1) and 158 kg (C1ab.), as well as 13 kg (C1) for underground and 6 kg (C1) for hydraulic mining.