“Mine Karalveem” received placers in Chukotka

December 17 Dalnedra held four auctions in Anadyr.

December 20, 2019, NEDRADV. Gold Mining Company JSC “Mine Karalveem” became the winner of the auction for placer ” Smoky, stream, a left tributary of the river Koyvelveurgen ” Bilibino in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region. Bidding took place on December 17 in Anadyr. Organizer – Department of DFO (Dalnedra). As follows from the tender documentation, the auction was attended by ZAO “AC” Polar Star “, LLC” AC “The Shining” and JSC “Mine Karalveem”. Final payment was 10.08 million rubles. Also on that day played station ” Bracelet, stream, right tributary stream Garnet“Which is located in the district of Anadyr. The winner is the company “Altai”, which offered a final payment of $ 4.73 million rubles. Another two auction declared invalid due to lack of participants admitted – site of placer gold ” Metegenkanya, river, right tributary of the river Koyvelhveergin ” and  strong area  with estimated resources of gold and silver. Source: NEDRADV


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