“Mine Karalveem” received three placers in Bilibino district

May 28, 2019, NEDRADV. Gold trading company JSC “Karalveem mine” in the auction on May 22-23 received the right to develop three sites of alluvial gold in the Chukotka Autonomous Region. The company offered 43.659 million rubles for the site “Invisible” in the Bilibinsky district. The auction ended at step 311, the initial payment increased 485.1 times. Trading on the “Rabbit” section ended at step 132, with a final payment of 69.3 million rubles. During the bidding for the field on the creek Poldnevoy, the Karalveem mine increased the initial payment by 1.2 times, to 1.44 million rubles. In all the auctions four companies participated – LLC Siyanie, LLC ZDK Kupol, JSC Mine Karalveem and LLC TOT.


“Gold Project”
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JSC “MINE Karalveem”
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Chukotka Autonomous Okrug,
Bilibino, Lenina, 6
+7 (42738) 2-32-74, 2-32-91


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