The main activities of our company are the search, exploration, mining and sale of gold. In addition, the company produces general construction, transportation work related to the maintenance and support of its mining sites. Diversification of production allows in the shortest possible time to respond to any difficulties in the mining process and possible innovations in the processing of ore. The management of the company considers as a priority the use of all scientific and high-tech innovations in gold mining, which influence the fuller mining of gold mining objects with the maximum extraction of minerals. The priority is to create a basis for qualitative growth of the Company’s scale by opening new reserves and transferring it to a higher category in existing license areas, acquiring and launching new areas in development areas, entering new regions of production, restructuring services and increasing processing capacities for existing capacities.

The development of the company is a reflection of the successful, phased implementation of the asset value enhancement strategy. The basis of the strategy is the following principles:

1) The strategy for selecting investment objects is determined by the presence of:

• significant potential in the development of the resource base;
• explored and prepared for the development of gold reserves to ensure accelerated start-up of gold production and cash flow generation;
• developed infrastructure.

2) The development strategy of selected investment objects includes:

• quick start of gold production (the factory was built and launched in 9 months);
• forced expansion of the resource base to increase gold output;
• introduction of modern working methods and technological modernization of production to increase productivity
• development of the potential of the territories adjacent to the deposit for a significant increase in gold output.