The first indoor ice complex opened in the Bilibino district of Chukotka

On November 8, the Luch Ice Sports Complex opened in Bilibino. The governor of Chukotka Roman Kopin congratulated the residents on this event.

After the opening, the Northern Puck hockey tournament began in which 4 teams took part: the Bilibino Luch, the Coal Mines of the Anadyr District, the Anadyr Dynamo and the District Junior Team.

This is the first indoor ice rink in the Bilibino region. In winter, they will conduct training, hockey and mass ice-skating at the new venue, and play futsal in summer.

The district administration notes that sponsors provided great support in the construction of the new site. For example, artisanal artels invested more than 22 million rubles in the rink.

Reference: The construction of the indoor site was carried out since September 2018. The total area of the structure is 2,364 square meters. The ice rink parameters are 56 meters long and 26 meters wide. At the rink there are warm locker rooms, stands, about 300 seats.

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